Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Get Back To Doing The Things You Love To Do

"After many years of chronic progressing bilateral shoulder pain and knee pain I finally found Maccio Physical Therapy. I was so tired of being in pain. Julia was able to get my pain from moderate-severe at times down to mild or NO PAIN! In just a few sessions!  I was shocked and hesitant to believe that the pain could be managed so quickly and with such simple exercises. I was able to incorporate these exercises easily into my daily routine. Prior to Julia’s expertise, I was losing sleep due to the pain, sometimes unable to lift my arms off the bed without fierce pain. I can’t thank Julia and Maccio Physical Therapy enough for getting to the root of my problems. I never once thought that my pain could have anything to do with my poor posture and stiff. Now I know! I am so excited to feel like my 26 year old self again and get back to Metabolic Meltdown 4-5 times a week!! I have work to do. Thank you Julia and Maccio Physical Therapy for empowering me to be pain free!" -Laura

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