Thursday, October 19, 2017

Application of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy [MDT] on the Human Elbow

Recent literature has shown unreliable diagnostic methods and poor outcomes when relying on patho-anatomical diagnosis. Classification based diagnosis and treatment, such as MDT, has shown to be more effective and reliable in spinal disorders. This has not been established well in peripheral assessment. MDT has preliminary findings supportive of similar reliability and efficacy in extremity assessment. There has been extensive research of elbow disorders with patho-anatomical diagnosis and only a singular study on classification based diagnosis of the elbow.
This case series demonstrates the efficacy of MDT with elbow disorders of seven consecutive patients. Outcomes demonstrated an averaged 87 percent perceived improvement [PPI] in pain and function with a reduction in numerical pain rating scale [NPRS] pain scores from 4.7 to 0.6. Averaged duration of treatment was 3.4 visits in 13.6 days. Averaged three month outcomes were PPI of 95%, NPRS of 0/10, and UEFS of 79/80. None of the cases sought further medical care for elbow pain.
This indicates there may be similar efficacy of classification based treatment on peripheral musculoskeletal disorders as seen in the spine. It also demonstrates that patho-anatomical diagnosis and classification based diagnosis are not mutually exclusive. 


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