Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Avoiding Surgery with MDT

 "At the beginning of July I found myself in more pain than I could bear with a MRI that indicated a herniated cervical disc. My primary care doctor referred me to a neuro surgeon as the only solution to my issue. The surgeon could not see me for 3 weeks and the prospect of being in agony that long before even seeing the surgeon was unbearable. I asked the primary doctor what to do in the meantime. He gave medications to manage the symptoms. He also suggested that physical therapy could help in the weeks awaiting the surgeon’s appointment. I needed some relief from the neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain I was experiencing. I could not get comfortable in any position, sleeping was out of the question. I was unable to drive, get dressed or carry/lift anything.

I had used Maccio Physical Therapy a couple years prior for a hip issue. I had worked with Joe Jr. and he helped me to avoid surgery, get pain free and remain pain free. I immediately thought I’d go back to Maccio in hopes of working with Joe again. I was able to meet with Joe right away. Joe spent plenty of time walking through my physical issues and pain problems. He is a very attentive diagnostician. After discussing, at length, my current situation, Joe felt confident that we could work on a plan that would very likely result in a full recovery without surgery. At the first visit we began a course of exercises and movements to relieve my pain. Within the first week, and then the following week, I began to have less pain and regain some strength and movement. At each visit Joe would check the progress, adjust according to my pain level and continue advancing the improvements. Joe stressed following the exercises and doing them at the appropriate intervals. I listened and tried to be the model patient, as I was getting results, sometimes in leaps and bounds and sometimes a little slower, but always moving in a positive direction.

When it was time to meet with the surgeon, I did so as scheduled. After discussing the MRI, a full exam of my issues, and seeing the improvements that had been made in physical therapy, the surgeon agreed that it was possible to avoid surgery, being that I was steadily improving. The surgeon encouraged me to go back and continue the course that I was on with Maccio PT, as it was clearly benefitting me. I would check back in with him in six weeks.

Over the next few weeks, Joe and his assistant Kim worked with me to keep adjusting and moving forward. Joe is patient, caring and observant; under his advisement Kim was creative, understanding and knowledgeable. I continued to improve and continued to stick to the instructions from them. I find the exercises to be very therapeutic, easy to do, easy to integrate into my life and most beneficial.

I am now, a couple months later, virtually pain free, able to do all that I could before, and wiser about how to manage and control the issue. The surgeon agrees that I do not need surgery and should be able to maintain my current abilities, largely in thanks to the physical therapy.

Many thanks to Joe, Kim and all of Maccio PT for your care, professionalism and knowledge. You will always be highly recommended from me. I would not hesitate to return, if ever needed again. You made my situation so much better and gave me the tools to maintain good health. You are the best!" -Paula

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