Friday, March 23, 2018

Shoulder or Neck?

"I came into Maccio PT with what I thought was a shoulder injury. Joe was incredibly nice and made it easy to explain what was going on. He recognized it as a neck problem within the first appointment. After starting the exercises I started getting better very quickly. Along the way he made sure to explain everything which was very reassuring. He provided handouts to remind me when to do each exercise and checked in to make sure everything was working. After treatment, I am now completely pain free and have a prevention plan to avoid similar problems in the future." -Morgan

"This patient was referred with a Medical Diagnosis of Shoulder strain and isolated shoulder pain only with shoulder movement. Her pain rapidly improved exclusively through corrective neck exercise. There has been increasing research finding that isolated shoulder pain can be referred exclusively from the neck, even without neck pain and stiffness.

If this was not identified this patient would have undergone multiple treatments to the shoulder which would not have resolved her pain. When this happens patients are often then referred back to a specialist where they receive unnecessary and ineffective injection or surgery, or never improve. 

Using the MDT screening process has been shown to be more reliable and effective and is the reason this patient had such a great result."
-Joseph R. Maccio, DPT, Dip. MDT

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